Fruit of the Spirit – Lesson 10 Temperance

Temperance – A Result of Abiding

The world will never teach you to have temperance. We live in a society that teaches us to do what we feel like doing, regardless of who may get hurt in the process. This teaching is opposite that of the Bible. We are to have self-control. Our flesh and its desire are not to rule us, but rather to be brought under subjection of the Holy Spirit.

I. Bringing our bodies under subjection
A.  Read I Corinthians 9:19-27
Our flesh needs to have self-control. This will never come naturally to us. How did Paul bring his body into subjection?

Your Spirit must be stronger than your flesh for you to have temperance. From all that we have studied, how do we defeat the flesh?

II. Temperance necessary to bear fruit
A. II Peter 1:5-8
Peter lists several things that must be in our lives so that we will not be unfruitful.
List them:

B. How many of these go hand in hand with the fruit of the Spirit?

III. Temperance in all areas of your life
A. List as many areas of your life as you can think of in which you must have temperance. Find Scriptures to back it up.

Ask the Holy Spirit to search your heart and show up the areas in which you need temperance. Immerse yourself in God’s Word and what it has to say on your specific problem areas. He will help you gain the victory!

Temperance is having self control over the flesh. It is not giving into sinful thoughts and actions. Keeping our bodies and minds under control can be a very difficult thing. We are all born sinners. Knowing that through Christ all things are possible gives hope and strength to ensure each day and keep up the battle.

Reading your Bible, praying and fasting can be such a big help in this area. It will keep you focused and your mind on Christ. Your Spirit must be stronger than your flesh.

For ladies, an area to focus on is the tongue. It can be wicked. It can destroy relationships. It can cause discord in our families and churches. The tempter knows we are weak in this area; he works even harder.Keeping your speech and actions in check is hard to do. It can be so easy to slip into murmuring, complaining and even gossiping. We have to be strong and ready. Sometimes you find yourself down a bad path in a conversation. It is not done purposefully.  We start out talking and end up somewhere completely different. You find yourself battling speech and actions. Ladies, we all know we do it. Therefore, prepare yourself. Here are some things to do to help in this area. Begin your daily devotionals asking God to guide your speech. And to open your eyes and ears convicting immediately when you are facing situations. As you are in a conversation, pray silently. It does not have to be out loud. Think of other things that would be pleasing to God – like His word. The best conversations I have had are talking about a Bible study or book in the Bible I am reading. I replace the topics presented with Godly topics. Try it. You will be amazed as to where you end up.

Do you demonstrate the Fruit of the Spirit of Temperance? Ask the Lord to check you and seek out your heart. Be aware of your speech and actions. Take your problem area and seek God. Make it a point to do right and change your direction.

These Bible lessons were developed and taught by Mrs. Amy Levesque and Mrs. Sara Petee.